The Wallbox Copper available in Cable and Socket version, guarantees a fast and secure charging capacity up to 22 kW. The charger is compatible with all electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles available on the market and can be installed inside or outside any building.

Hello Facial Recognition

Copper aims to facilitate the charging experience for the driver with as little interaction as possible and in a more natural way. Wallbox simplifies the act of charging for the driver in order to let you do what is more important: entering quickly in a meeting, looking after the kids, going shopping, etc. Therefore, locking/unlocking the charger is becoming as simple as moving your hand. This Sense Technology is Copper’s revolutionary new feature adding rapidity and comfort when the driver has parked the car.

Once the charger is unlocked, Copper will recognise the user by taking a photo. This second innovation is the Facial Recognition , making sure that only you and the other authorised
persons can charge the car. This presents a significant advantage for companies or any organisation, where the charger is used by several persons and allows an easy management of the charging consumption per user through the platform mywallbox.

Interact with your house: Home Sharing

As part of the revolution Copper also presents Home Sharing, a smart charging system, working with an additional device which measures and can regulate in real time the consumption of current. Copper takes into account that the energy supply of a household is restricted and that when too much energy is drawn (too much electrical appliances working at the same time), it can lead to a black out of the house or even to safety issues. With Home Sharing this will be prevented because Copper will automatically optimise the best charging power depending of the available current. This optimisation can also be linked with the fluctuation of the energy price.

Connectivity and remote management with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth

This is the technology used by Copper to access your personal area MyWallbox. The platform gives you the possibility to control the energy consumption, set up the charger and gives access to numerous services, from your Smartphone and for the first time from the Apple or Android Watch . Thanks to this connectivity Wallbox also provides an efficient remote technical support able to visualise quickly each situation and provide the required assistance to make the most of the overall Copper experience.

Copper is the result of research and product development from the Wallbox engineers team led by the CEO, Enric Asunción , who was responsible for the TESLA Charging Installations Program in Europe until his return to Barcelona in 2015, and had previously run the electrical charger testing team at Applus IDIADA, a multinational company providing design, engineering and homologation services for the automotive industry. This strong experience in the electrical automotive industry positions Wallbox at the front end of the innovation in the charging sector.

“Wall Box Chargers S.L. created in 2015 is a rising start-up from Barcelona dedicated to design and creation of electric chargers for all electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. The ambitious young and international team has already established two chargers (Pulsar and Commander) as references on the market and will continue to extend its presence in Europe and beyond with the new Copper, through its network of partners and distributors including car manufacturers and energy companies.”

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