Bender UK is driving innovation in the electric vehicle (EV) market with the addition of the Chargespot Berlin – a new smart and versatile commercial electric vehicle charger.

Chargespot Berlin is manufactured by Ebee, a Bender Group company based in Berlin. This electric vehicle charging station for public and commercial applications (Mode-3) is a safe, fast charging solution that is designed to mount on streetlight columns, street furniture and walls. It meets all regulatory standards and requirements including ISO 15118, for a wide range of electric vehicles. It also offers total flexibility for siting and how the operator collects payment, and has a power rating up to 22kW, with other options available.

Lee Slater, Business Manager at Bender UK explains: “Chargespot Berlin is a technology game-changer for Bender UK. It enables us to offer a complete solution for local authorities, health trusts and other enterprises requiring commercial EV charging solutions with full service support, alongside the supply of Bender devices to developers and original equipment manufacturers.”

Inside the charge station is the smart compact Bender integrated charge controller (CC612), which is sold as a component to companies developing their own charge stations. The CC612 incorporates a power supply, contactor, charging socket, IEC 61851 Mode-3 commercial charge controller and remote access for software updates and monitoring.

Built-in payment options include employee-coded RFID user interface and credit cards. The charge station links to the customer’s billing mechanisms to offer a universal access system, compatible with various bespoke backend software packages.

Mr Slater adds: “Safety and reliability lies at the heart of the requirement for cost-effective and efficient electrical vehicle charging capabilities. We have been working closely with charge station developers providing the CC612 charge controller for incorporation into their own charge solutions and we now have a market-ready compliant charge station solution.”

Collectively the Ebee Chargespot Berlin and CC612 charge controller add to Bender’s already strong EV technology portfolio. In the UK Bender works successfully with Formula 1 racing cars, Formula E (all electric) racing, and electric and hybrid fleet, bus and vehicle manufacturers supplying insulation monitoring devices to give advance warning of developing earth faults in battery systems.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, Bender UK develops market applications and supplies Bender products to a range of sectors that require early notification of electrical faults, no-fail power solutions, or demand the highest level of electrical safety.

Based in Ulverston, South Cumbria and established in the UK for more for two decades, Bender UK has a team of technical experts, project managers and field service engineers equipped to provide 24/7 service and technical support 365 days of the year, installation and commissioning, and project management services alongside the day-to-day supply of Bender technology solutions and components.